About EM

I am Erskine Melville, Licensed Massage Therapist with almost two decades of experience in the Health and Wellness industry; and owner of EM Wellness Massage. I am known as EM to some, and E to many.

My journey in the healing arts began long ago as a child in Trinidad where I grew up. Being a typical boy, playing with my friends, I jumped off a guava tree and hurt my foot. I went limping to my Nenen Philippa, and the way she rubbed my foot – which is what I learned years later in Massage terminology is called Cross Fiber Friction. In a matter of minutes I was outside getting into mischief once again.

Fast forward, when I came to live with my family in NY, I was nudged once again when my first girlfriend in Brooklyn said, you would make a great massage therapist – to which I replied, do I look like a bleeping girl to you?

Finally, I found out that one of my mentors was extremely disappointed with my decision not to become a massage therapist; he felt that was a great option for me. I finally listened to his advice and started my journey in the healing art of massage therapy at the Swedish Institute of Health Sciences. My journey at the Swedish Institute did not go by without some major challenges as a visually impaired student, but overall, my experience was great.

What is unique about me as a visually impaired massage therapist, is that I rely more on visceral feelings rather than my five senses. A lot of clients refer to me as intuitive or a healer. The truth is, if I had to explain what I do in a massage session, I really cannot, other than to say it's a part of me much like breathing. That coupled with my extensive knowledge and years of experience as a master therapist, are contributing factors to what my practice has become today. I am thankful that I listened because I really love what I do; and I am committed to helping my clients restore their physical balance through the healing art of massage therapy.

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