Abdominal Massage

Contributor: Rose Beasley

It may sound strange but abdominal massage is an ancient practice that produces excellent health benefits.  The abdomen is much more than just the middle section of our bodies.  In fact, our muscles here work in conjunction with our back muscles to help keep the spine erect. When one of these muscles are weakened, the back can become overstressed and cause chronic pain to the body.

Abdominal massage techniques are used to release this stress by keeping this area healthy and strong thus promoting proper organ function inside the abdominal cavity.

The health benefits of abdominal massage are not limited to just the stomach area.  Many temporary conditions like constipation and bloating may begin in the tummy but left untreated can cause discomfort throughout the whole body with symptoms such as fatigue, aches/pains, and an overall sluggish feeling.  However, studies are showing that with regular treatment abdominal massage can help manage and eliminate these problems and be a contributing factor to lifelong wellness.

Plus, abdominal massage can even help with achieving weight loss goals because it helps to flush toxins, ridding the body of backed up waste to promote a faster metabolism.

Continue your quest for overall health and schedule an abdominal massage today!